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.mmm (M-three) is a global hacker assassination group fronting as an international cyber-terrorist organization. Their name is an inverted version of "www.," the acronym for World Wide Web, and their slogan is "a world without internet." Their base is said to be in China or North Korea, and their membership is a few thousand people worldwide.

General info[]



Being a cyber-terrorist organization, the group relies on technology and prizes hackers. They have developed a phone for their members that counters hacking. After three wrong attempts at accessing an .mmm phone, the device will explode. It also contains data that can turn the phone into an explosive in the event it has to be surrendered to an enemy. Calls from these phones are only possible through the organization's server, protected by a firewall and guarded by a surveillance unit 24/7. Chegar, Siva, and Irasawa all carry these devices.


The hackers who work for .mmm attack websites at random and prevent free web browsing. They also ally themselves with specific politicians, governments, and groups that will further their interests, and they erase anyone they cannot win over to their side, keeping a blacklist of usernames of proficient hackers who pose a potential threat. Three American hackers were assassinated by .mmm operatives in August, just prior to the fourth story arc. Lately, the websites of several corporations in Japan have been targeted by the organization.


.mmm Arc[]

The cybercrime investigator Karimura asks his hacker acquaintance Enokida to look into a Japanese technician suspected of being affiliated with the group. Though getting inside his personal computer takes effort, Enokida manages to steal secretive data and deliver it to the investigator, whose division can crack the encryption.

An .mmm executive in Fukuoka tasks Chegar with eliminating a hacker codenamed macro-hard, who has been causing trouble for the organization's political allies. Information on macro-hard's computer leads the team toward the identity of one of .mmm's biggest threats, the hacker known as blackleg_nameko. After his capture, Irasawa voluntarily hands his phone over, causing blackleg to become suspicious and bring in a torturer who could extract information from Irasawa himself. After obtaining the phone's password, blackleg is able to attach a virus to a video sent to Chegar from Irasawa's phone. When Chegar opens the video, he unwittingly gives blackleg access to his phone, his contacts' phones, and a large amount of the organization's data.