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Bar Babylon is the bar Jiro Tanaka runs in Nakasu and is the base of his Avenging business. He and Misaki are usually found here, Misaki often completes her schoolwork in the bar before business hours, and members of the Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens grasslot baseball team occasionally meet inside. Thanks to Jiro's friendship with Hironobu Shigematsu, he does not worry about visits from the police.

General Information[]

Babylon is located on the second floor of the Marugen45 building in Nakasu. It is described as having a snug atmosphere, with five counter seats and two booths, and is open six days a week.


Mayor Harada Scandal Arc[]

After learning of the accidental deaths of Jun Murase and his two friends, Saitoh calls Bar Babylon to confirm whether or not the deaths had been the Avengers' doing. Jiro tells him that they had nothing to do with their deaths but doubts that it really was an accident, as he had taken a request to kill all three students who died in the car fire.

After Saitoh's name and face are spread across television networks and he becomes wanted for the murder of Qiaomei Lin, he turns to Jiro, the only person he believes might be able to help him. He rushes to Bar Babylon, where Jiro listens to and sympathizes with his story. With the money he received following the murders of Jun Murase and his friends, Saitoh hired Jiro to avenge him, place the blame on the woman who had framed him for murder, and clear his name. In the meantime, Jiro invites Saitoh to stay at the bar, as the police will not come looking for him there.

Niwaka Samurai Impersonator Arc[]

On the one day of the week the bar is closed, Jiro and Misaki head to a park to meet with Abe and Yamamoto to complete the task of avenging the murder of Tadafumi Izuku.

Shou Wang Arc[]

In the first week of September, a month after the end of the story, several members of the Tonkotsu Ramens meet at Jiro's bar to attend a fireworks festival together. Jiro outfits Xianming Lin in a women's yukata and styles his hair, and with everyone dressed for the festival, they head outside together.