Byeong-Hee Kim (김병휘, Kim Byeong Hee) is an executive of the Kakyuu Association. He is targeted and killed by Shunsuke Saruwatari.



Kim is an arrogant, cowardly individual. He responds rudely to questioning, but when confronted by an enemy with a weapon, he becomes fearful and defenseless. He lives in a high-class apartment and drives a flashy sports car, indicating that he is unafraid to flaunt his wealth and status, even if they are a product of his underground activities.


Shou Wang ArcEdit

Tony Lau meets with Naoya Nitta and provides him personal data on Kim and Takashi Unoyama. Saruwatari is instructed to kill the two men as an employment exam for the Shou Wang. Zenji Banba receives files on Kakyuu Association members from Sayuri the same day and selects Unoyama and Kim from the list. After he and Xianming Lin assassinate Unoyama and his underlings, they head to Kim's apartment in Nishijin.

Saruwatari calls out to Kim in the parking garage of his apartment building. Kim responds rudely, but when Saruwatari confirms his identity and reveals his ninja sword, Kim pales and tries to escape. Saruwatari catches him by the neck, and when Kim falls to the ground, the killer stabs him through the heart. He sets a shuriken on the ground beside the body to sign his work and leaves for Unoyama's office.

When Banba and Lin arrive at Kim's apartment, a crowd of police and onlookers has formed around the building with a tape barricade set up. Banba spots Hironobu Shigematsu, who pulls them to the side and informs them of Kim's murder and ties to the mafia and tells them that a shuriken was found next to the body.

Suzuki learns of the murders later that night and has Ruixi Li moved to a safer location. The shuriken left next to Kim's body and Tatsurou Myouken's eyewitness testimony confirm Saruwatari as the culprit. Desperate for a killer who can match Saruwatari in strength, Suzuki hires Zhao.

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