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Chegar (チェガル, Chegar) is the primary antagonist of the fourth light novel and an overseas worker for the hacker terrorist organization .mmm. In his position as a spy, he acts as a middle man between the organization's executives and underlings by receiving assignments and handing them out to his hand-picked subordinates who specialize in either hacking or murder, overseeing the dirty work and reporting back to his higher-ups. In Fukuoka, his employees are Siva and Irasawa.



Chegar is a nondescript foreign man with brown hair. He wears a business suit.


As someone without any notable skills himself, he survives by eliminating opponents for his organization across the globe. Chegar believes strongly in his organization and will do anything he can to make himself useful in the world he has chosen to live in. He is forward-thinking and has the qualities of a good leader, evident in his ability to make a place for himself in an organization that has little need for him while dealing with his employees' problems. Though the twisted personalities of both of his underlings disgust him, he believes in their abilities and accepts their faults. He expresses jealousy at Siva's hacking skills and annoyance at the way Siva wastes them, occasionally thinking about how much more he could accomplish if he possessed those same talents. If his own hacking skills were stronger, he would apply them to pursuits he finds meaningful, such as achieving justice and helping nations, rather than destroying people's lives.


Chegar was originally a member of .mmm's cyber division and committed acts of cyber terrorism himself, but eventually the skills of his division were not enough to compete with the rapid technological advances of the era. While the rest of his division took a backseat in the organization, Chegar chose the only path remaining that would allow him to climb the ranks, and he became a spy, jumping around the world and eliminating any rival hackers and enemies in proximity using the skills of whatever capable people he could find. After hiring and using his pawns, he would kill them and move on to the next place he was assigned to work.

While bouncing from country to country for .mmm, Chegar ends up in Japan and hires Siva and Irasawa. He worried that Irasawa would end up captured after going on a killing spree, and so to lessen his thirst for murder, ordered the former boxer to record himself beating his victims to death and watch the videos whenever he felt the desire to kill. Because Siva charges a large sum for his hacking and Irasawa kills for free, Chegar cannot afford to lose him.


.mmm Arc[]

Chegar receives an assignment from his superior to eliminate a hacker known as "macro-hard." He passes on the target to Siva and Irasawa. While eliminating targets is simply work and carries no emotion for him, his subordinates are excited by the prospect of killing.

The team heads to Manabu Kuroiwa's apartment, gaining access by posing as uniformed movers, where they drug their victim and carry him and his computers out of the building without arousing suspicion. They drop Kuroiwa and Irasawa off at Irasawa's home afterward, and Chegar and Siva continue to the repair shop so that Siva can inspect macro-hard's computers.

A half-day later, Chegar regretfully opens the gruesome video of Kuroiwa's death sent by Irasawa. Responding to a call from Siva, he arrives at the studio, where Siva shows him the list of famous people macro-hard had gathered information on and extorted, including Kazuo Matsuda. After his own investigating, Siva explains similarities between hacking done by Kazuo's son and the blacklisted hacker blackleg_nameko, finding evidence that the supposedly deceased son may have faked his death and become an active hacker in Fukuoka. Chegar is impressed and envious that Siva was able to find the wanted hacker so quickly, and they put his photo and location in an ad on Undergroundjobs.com.

Chegar meets the executive again that evening to give a report on macro-hard. He informs his superior of blackleg's location and is told to eliminate the blacklisted hacker carefully. He meets with Siva and Irasawa afterward to develop a plan to gain the upper hand on blackleg. After blackleg attempts to take down the ad on Undergroundjobs.com and they are able to track his location, Irasawa chases blackleg around Nakasu while Chegar and Siva watch from Siva's shop. When they have blackleg's computer, Chegar has Siva look into his credit card transactions, where they find bullet train and airplane tickets. Instead of taking a gamble on one of two possible escape routes, Chegar orders his subordinates to find blackleg's current location and capture him immediately.

Using surveillance cameras around Tenjin, they watch blackleg bounce around crowded, public spaces, until he settles at a family restaurant around midnight. They listen as blackleg receives a phone call from an associate confirming his escape route, unsure of how and when he was able to contact anyone. Chegar continues to watch the surveillance camera footage as Siva cuts power to the restaurant and Irasawa successfully abducts blackleg, shoving him in the trunk of his car and driving away. After Siva erases the camera footage, he allows himself to rest and congratulates his subordinate on their completed job.

Chegar goes home to rest. In the afternoon, he receives a video file from Irasawa confirming the brutal beating and death of blackleg. Disgusted, he stops the video halfway through and relishes in the feeling of defeating the infamous hacker. Immediately after, he sends Siva a large payment in cryptocurrency and contacts the executive for a meeting, heading over to Hakata Station. As he waits an unusually long time, Enokida approaches him. Blackleg warns him against doing anything to cause attention in public and sits beside him, showing him the real footage of the events of the night before, in which the man who looks like blackleg reveals himself to be a hitman and fights back. Chegar is surprised by the true version of events and even more shocked to realize that blackleg had embedded a virus in the fake video and gained access to all of Chegar and his associates' data. Realizing that he has been defeated and is surrounded by the police, Chegar surrenders.