Club Eve is a hostess club in Nakasu and the sister club of Club Adam. Most of the club's clientele are yakuza and killers for hire, and the hostesses are used to the illicit business discussions that take place there.





Some time before the start of the series, Tadafumi Izuku got a second job as a driver for Club Eve. As he spent time alone with the hostesses after their shifts, he and Kaori fell in love and began saving up portions of their paychecks to have Tadafumi's wife murdered. After finding the numbers and business cards of several hostesses among Tadafumi's belongings, his wife, Kumiko, followed him to the club and photographed him with two women outside the establishment.


Niwaka Samurai Impersonator ArcEdit

Kumiko Izuku visits the Banba Detective Office and hires Zenji Banba to investigate her husband. Banba calls in a favor from Yamato, a host for Club Adam, who is able to get Xianming Lin hired as a hostess.

During Lin's only shift as a hostess, he meets Two-Hand Gun Ricky, an eccentric gun-wielding hired killer who promises to ask for him again. Banba pays a visit to the club, where he talks with Sayuri and checks on Lin. While Yuri is busy, Long Fang Wang and his entourage enter the club, and Long Fang chooses Lin's company. In the VIP room, he and his assistant, Li, discuss the Kakyuu Association's plans to hire a killer who can defeat the Niwaka Samurai. Proximity to his former bosses and discussion concerning a familiar name make Lin jumpy, to Long Fang's amusement. When Yuri enters and dismisses Lin, he hastily retreats to the back room and is excused for the evening.

Shunsuke Saruwatari visits the club after taking up Naoya Nitta's request that he participate in tryouts for the Kakyuu Association. He is directed to the back room, where Two-Hand Gun Ricky and George Gondo are waiting. After Ricky provokes Saruwatari and is knocked out cold, Li enters and has Ricky thrown out. Li offers the two remaining killers a large advance payment for bringing in the Niwaka Samurai dead or alive and has them fitted with tracking anklets.

Later, Lin hires Yamato for a pick-pocketing job. Yamato initially refuses, until Lin threatens to return to Club Eve and put Yamato's reputation on the line.

Shou Wang ArcEdit

Club Eve serves as the meeting place for the executives of Shou Wang and the Kakyuu Association to meet and dictate the terms of their truce.


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