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"DIRTY BULLET", performed by Tokyo-based jazz quintet TRI4TH, is the ending theme of the Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens TV series. The song is an instrumental jazz piece, and three slightly altered versions, titled the Banba version, Lin version, and Enokida version, were included as tracks on the CD single. The album also included a postcard-sized print of original artwork by light novel illustrator Ichiiro Hako.

DIRTY BULLET was included as the tenth track on TRI4TH's album Anthology, released on November 14, 2018.

Track list[]

Anime version CD[]

  1. DIRTY BULLET (3:05)
  2. DIRTY ROSES (5:02)
  3. DIRTY DROP (3:08)
  4. DIRTY BULLET (Short Version) (1:35)
  5. DIRTY BULLET (Short Version) (馬場Ver., Banba version) (1:35)
  6. DIRTY BULLET (Short Version) (林Ver., Lin version) (1:35)
  7. DIRTY BULLET (Short Version) (榎田Ver., Enokida version) (1:35)

Musical Credits[]

The members of TRI4TH:

  • Trumpet: Yusuke Orita
  • Tenor sax: Junnosuke Fujita
  • Piano: Daisuke Takeuchi
  • Bass: Tomotaka Sekiya
  • Drums: Takao Ito


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