Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens Extra Games (博多豚骨ラーメンズ Extra Games) is the first gaiden light novel of the series containing five short stories taking place at various points across the light novel time line. It was published on March 23rd, 2018.


In the city of Hakata, brimming with a population in which 3% are hitman, a case of marriage fraud breaks out. A worried mother arrives at Banba's Detective Office, requesting him to look into the mischievous woman who is deceiving her son. Zenji Banba and Xianming Lin are dragged into the outlaws schemes.

Additionally, there is a circle of unfortunate events originating from a stalking case, the untold meeting between the legendary torturer and information broker, Lin in search of finding the true culprit behind the murder at a casino, and Misaki taking initiative of her first avenger job in retrieving stolen money - all packed together in a thrilling collection of short stories.[1]


No. Chapter Title
01 Mid-Winter's Double Steal
02 Helper
03 Fielder's Good Choice
04 Fair Money
05 For an Out and Low Pitch, a Knuckleball


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