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Hackers are little weaklings without their computers.

–Irasawa, Volume 4, 4th Inning

Irasawa (井良沢, Irasawa) is an assassin for the international cyber-terrorist group .mmm. A former boxer, he specializes in beating his opponents to death.



Irasawa has a large build and blond shoulder-length hair. He has a poor complexion, with vacant eyes and hollow cheeks, and he wears a jersey. His appearance resembles that of a drug addict, except his addiction is to murder.


Irasawa has a cruel and twisted personality. Murder is both his vice and his hobby, and he enjoys it to the point that he cannot live without it. He seems incapable of enjoying or thinking of anything else and becomes restless when he has gone too long without killing. When given a target to eliminate, he will murder them for free simply to satisfy his own pleasure. Without a designated target, he will pick up homeless people to kill off the street, as he views them as trash.

When he fought as a boxer, Irasawa became used to being in the spotlight. As a killer, he has to avoid standing out, so he childishly seeks attention and praise for his kills from his employer. Instead of simply confirming when a job is done, he sends Chegar the video footage of his kill, to Chegar's dismay.

Irasawa also has a habit of pulling the front teeth of his victims post-mortem, collecting them in jars as a trophy to display his kills.


Irasawa was once a boxer, but after accidentally killing an opponent in a match, his psyche was irreparably damaged. He disappeared from the public eye and began fighting in underground boxing rings. Wanting to recreate the sensation of taking someone's life, he retired from hurting people for money and became a killer. He constructed a ring in his garage where he would bring his victims and fight them in an uneven match. After weakening them with a severe beating, he will hack his victims to death with a knife. He has the bodies dropped off anonymously by courier to Saeki's Cosmetic Surgery Clinic for disposal.

When his addiction to murder caused him to become restless, Irasawa began picking up homeless people off the street, knowing no one would look for them. To avoid discovery and arrest, Chegar told him to record his matches on video. When he has the urge to kill, he watches the videos to abate his thirst.


.mmm Arc[]

Irasawa is watching a replay of a recent match on his phone in the back room of Siva's shop when Chegar arrives for a meeting. He is eager to receive news of his next victim, and as soon as Siva uncovers the hacker macro-hard's identity, the team heads to Manabu Kuroiwa's apartment. They gain access by posing as uniformed movers, drugging their victim and carrying him and his computers out of the building without arousing suspicion. Afterward, Kuroiwa and Irasawa are dropped off at Irasawa's home, where Irasawa beats and stabs Kuroiwa to death, sending a recording of the match to Chegar and the body to Saeki via courier.

That night, Siva and Chegar direct Irasawa to Nakasu, where he attempts to force his way into a bathroom stall in the Gate's Building where his next target, the blacklisted hacker blackleg-nameko, is hiding. The lights momentarily go out, and blackleg slips past him. Irasawa pursues him to a bathroom in a nearby subway station, where he finds only the hacker's laptop. He takes the laptop to Siva's shop and heads to Hakata Station, determined to wait for blackleg to arrive for his morning bullet train ride. When he receives new instructions to capture blackleg in Tenjin, Irasawa turns around, determined not to allow the hacker to slip past him again. In the parking lot of the family restaurant blackleg has been waiting in, Irasawa dons night vision goggles. When Siva cuts the power to the building, Irasawa rushes inside and abducts the hacker, stealthily drugging him, carrying his body out of the dark restaurant and putting it in the truck of his car, and driving away from the scene before the power could turn back on.

In the boxing ring inside his garage, Irasawa sets his victim down and hits him to wake him up. Irasawa invites blackleg to a boxing match and begins striking blows to his face and torso until the unresistant hacker falls to the ground and spits blood. Remembering macro-hard's determination to live and his attempts to fight back, Irasawa decides to end the disappointing match quickly. Asking the hacker for his final words, he is surprised when he is suddenly questioned about his former victims. Realizing how much the hacker knows, he grabs his knife to finish the fight, but Xianming Lin reveals his identity as a hitman and stabs him in the side. Shocked by the turn of events and the slow realization that the man in the ring is not his target, Irasawa receives double the beating he had given Lin, after which the hitman slashes his Achilles tendons and locks him in the ring. When the real blackleg arrives, Irasawa willingly surrenders his phone, expecting it to explode. However, the group calls José Martínez, who brings Irasawa to a warehouse, and Irasawa eventually gives up information on himself and his group during the five-hour torture, including the password to his heavily encrypted phone.



  • Irasawa lives in Yoshizuka, a neighborhood of Hakata Ward.