Jiro Tanaka (田中ジロー, Tanaka Jiro) is the foster father of Misaki. He is the owner of Bar Babylon and runs the avenger business.

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Personality Edit

Jiro is an okama, and as such behaves and speaks in a feminine manner. He holds an interest in fashion and style and is noted by Misaki to enjoy shopping.

Background Edit

Jiro formerly worked as a beauty artist and lived a normal and quiet life with his lover that was until his partner was murdered by a crazed killer. Desperate for revenge, he approached the Niwaka Samurai to track down and kill the murderer. Once the deed was done, Jiro reflected on his actions and how satisfying it was to get vengeance. It was shortly after this that he decided to start his avenger business, taking requests to avenge those who did not have the means to do it themselves.

Not long after he started this new line of work, he received a job to punch an abusive man to death. Just as he finished his job, he spotted a young Misaki hiding in the closet, watching him. He prompted her to come out and reassured her that he would not do anything to her, although he considered killing her as she was a witness until she thanked him for killing her step-father.

Jiro took Misaki home and cleaned her up. After taking her to see Saeki to have her more recent wounds treated, he then brought her to a restaurant to eat. There, he decided to adopt Misaki and told her she could relax around him and that she would now be part of his family.

At some point while continuing his avenger work, Misaki approached him one day with the desire to help with one of his jobs. He was reluctant at first, but after hearing Misaki's plan to deceive his target he let her. Since then, he allowed her to tag along on some of the less dangerous requests he accepted.

History Edit

Mayor Harada Scandal Arc Edit

Jiro receives two job requests for his avenger business: to kill one man responsible for mutilating a home-owned cat and to beat a college student to death. Jiro takes Misaki with him to capture these men, stopping by the Yamazaki household first. With Misaki's assistance, they both manage to infiltrate the house and find a black cat in the bathroom that was about to be another victim of the boy Shota Yamazaki. Jiro knocks Shota unconscious, and they bind him before putting him into his van. While they do so, they also rescue the black cat, whom Jiro allowed for Misaki to keep. They then head over to their next target's home - Jun Murase. A man answers the door, and when he replied that he was Jun Murase Jiro punches the man in the stomach, effectively knocking him out. Jiro drops Misaki off at home before taking his two targets to a warehouse located along Hakata Bay.

Jiro waits for his helper José Martínez to arrive before starting the torture, needing a professional's assistance to carryout Shota's murder. He films Martínez and Shota while the torture is going on, and once he gets Shota to acknowledge the pain he put the cats through he has Shota decapitated. Shortly after, Martínez leaves, having received a call from their friend Yamato. Jiro turns to the other man he believed is Jun Murase, only to discover the man was someone named Saitoh and an employee for Murder Inc. He immediately releases Saitoh and gives him his business card, offering him a discount for the trouble.

The next day, he receives a call from Saitoh who informs him that Jun Murase had died. Saitoh asks him if he was behind his death, but Jiro denies this and returns to his bar tending duties for the rest of the day. The next day, however, Saitoh rushes into his bar, requesting assistance from him. After hearing what happened to Saitoh the night before and the body he woke up next to, Jiro assumes Saitoh must have been framed. He offers Saitoh to hide out in his bar as his friend Shigematsu is in the police and would not come looking for him there. Jiro accepts Saitoh's request to avenge him and heads to Saeki's office to drop off Shota Yamazaki's body where he encounters Zenji Banba. Hearing what Banba has been involved in the last few days and how his story correlated with Saitoh's framing, Jiro learns the culprit behind Saitoh's framing was likely someone working for Mayor Harada. Banba and Jiro team up to get into Yusuke Harada's apartment, and Jiro and Saitoh meet Banba and Lin there. Banba calls Reiko Asakura to prompt her to open the door to Yusuke's room for them. Saitoh confirms Reiko was the woman he ran into the night of the incident, and Jiro knocks Reiko unconscious shortly after. Afterwards, Jiro drops off Saitoh and takes Reiko to Shigematsu, who assists him in framing her for the crime she did to Saitoh and sending her to prison.