Jun Murase is a friend of Yusuke Harada's from university.



Murase is a plain-looking young man who dresses in casual clothing. His hair is light in the manga and black in the anime.


Murase has a lazy, careless, and cruel personality. He regularly skips class, opting to drink and party daily, and he joins his friends in brutally beating another man while intoxicated.


At some point in university Murase followed Yusuke in joining the softball circle because it functions as a drinking group, and he skips lectures to participate in daily drinking parties on campus. Just prior to the events of the first light novel, Murase and two of his friends, Tatsuya Yamashiro and Masaki Yoshida, beat a foreigner to death for sport and dispose of the body. The body is recovered and the incident appears in local newspapers in Western Japan, though the perpetrators remain unknown.


Mayor Harada Scandal ArcEdit

E01 Jun Murase in video

Murase in Yusuke's video

When Reiko Asakura finds Yusuke watching footage he had filmed of his friends beating a foreign man to death on his orders, she demands the names and addresses of his companions. Her worry is that the careless disposal of the body could lead the police to Yusuke, causing a scandal for his father. He gives her the names, knowing that she will eliminate them.

The day Saitoh is transferred to Fukuoka for work, he is given the task of killing Murase. The client is Murase's landlord, who is tired of the trouble his tenant causes and supplies a master key to Murase's apartment. Saitoh finds his home empty and waits for his target to arrive, but the apartment is visited by Jiro and Misaki Tanaka soon after. Saitoh introduces himself as Murase in the hopes that they will leave quickly, but the pair incapacitates him and he is brought to a warehouse. Before he is tortured for Murase's crimes, Saitoh convinces Jiro that he is a member of Murder, Inc. and is released.

After Reiko passes along the names and addresses, her companions Shinohara, Munakata, and Ivanov retrieve Murase and his two friends from campus and drug them to sleep. They are put in a car near Nagatani Dam and blown up with one of Shinohara's new explosives. Shinohara calls the police to report the explosion and confirm payment, and Murase's death is written off as a drunk driving accident.

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