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Please be careful, Enokida. You're targeted by .mmm as well.

–Karimura, Volume 4, 4th Inning

Karimura (狩村, Karimura) is a cybercrime investigator and an acquaintance of Enokida's. He periodically meets with the hacker to exchange information and ask favors of him.



Karimura is a young man who wears a suit, dressing professionally as befitting his position.


He is described as straightforward and solemn. He takes his work seriously, but he also understands the necessity of a cybercrime investigator maintaining friendly relationships with skilled hackers and the benefits of exchanging information. As such, Karimura gives work to Enokida when it exceeds the boundaries of the law, and in exchange, he overlooks the hacker's crimes. He shows a slightly relaxed, humorous side around the informant.


Shou Wang Arc[]

It is revealed later that when Enokida hacks into a credit card company to look into the personal information of individuals in Fukuoka named Noriaki Hayashi, Karimura is aware of Enokida's activities and overlooks his crimes.

A month later, in early September, Karimura asks Enokida to look into a man suspected to be connected to the international cyber terrorist group .mmm. Not long after, his unit begins investigating successive death and bomb threats sent from the computer of a young, unemployed man. The NEET, Kazuki Saitoh, turns himself in for questioning when approached by investigators.

.mmm Arc[]

Karimura meets up with Enokida at a small Italian restaurant to talk business and discuss recent events affecting their work. The informant gives him a USB drive with the data he had requested, files from an .mmm hacker's personal computer, and the investigator delivers it to his division to crack the pass code and decrypt the data. Immediately after they part, Enokida calls him to vouch for Saitoh, and the cybercrime division confirms his innocence and releases him.

After looking through the decrypted .mmm files, Karimura contacts Enokida the next day. He sends the informant a blacklist of hacker usernames found in the .mmm operative's data, a list that contains both macro-hard and Enokida's own alias, blackleg_nameko. Karimura warns him to be careful, as .mmm have been assassinating hackers around the globe, and they want Enokida dead.

The next day, Enokida gains access to a huge amount of classified .mmm data and discovers Chegar's location. He turns the information over to Karimura and the cybercrime division, who apprehend Chegar as he waits for his superior outside Hakata Station.