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He's an illness. Nothing can cure him. And that's why he should be set free.

–Kazuo Matsuda, Volume 4, Highlights

Kazuo Matsuda (松田一夫 Matsuda Kazuo) is an well-known Japanese politician, the head of the Matsuda family and the estranged father of Enokida.



Nearing the end of middle age, Kazuo has wrinkles around his face and appears exhausted from overwork and lack of sleep. Despite this, he maintains a firm and dignified air.


Kazuo is a hardworking man who works tirelessly to fulfill his duties as a public servant. Behind the scenes, he uses any means at his disposal to survive as a politician, entrusting his dirty work to his long-time butler, Yagi, and once bribing the police to cover his son's cyber crimes. To his son, he seems hard and unforgiving, seeing his son as an incurable disease and going so far as to order Yagi to kill Enokida to prevent him from blighting the family name further; but in reality, Kazuo understood his son's rebellious nature and provided him the release he needed to live freely. Like his son, however, Kazuo is a stubborn man who keeps his true feelings hidden.


As the son of a former Cabinet minister and the grandson of a former prime minister, Kazuo was groomed and educated for a life in politics and has worked his way up to being a member of the Lower House. He is a likely pick for the Cabinet in the coming elections.


.mmm Arc[]

One day in early September, when he is in the middle of work, a virus infects Kazuo's computer, showing him a message that threatens to reveal Kazuo's true face to the world. Confounded by the number of options that could mean, he leaves the matter to Yagi to handle and sends his butler on a week-long vacation.

Yagi returns to the Matsuda household and resumes work as usual on Kazuo's 55th birthday. Kazuo is working from a brand-new computer when the device is hacked with a message wishing him a happy birthday. While amused, he immediately orders Yagi to dispose of the computer.


  • His given name consists of the characters "one" (一, kazu) and "man, husband" (夫, o). It is a common name for males, meaning "first son" or "harmonious man."
  • Kazuo's surname consists of the characters "pine tree, fir tree" (松, matsu) and "field, rice paddy" (田, ta/da)