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Lady Madonna is a darts bar in Kokura. The owner of the bar is a beautiful but unapproachable woman who mediates jobs to killers.

General Information[]

Lady Madonna blends into a shady neighborhood with a vibrant nightlife and is surrounded by cabaret clubs, host clubs, and brothels. Described as an "indecent bar," the space contains three dartboards and is lit with red and blue neon lights.

In the center of the bar is a metal door with a sign reading "Authorized personnel only." The stairs behind the door lead to a basement, a space provided for the bar's contracted killers to meet and practice. The space has the same layout as the bar's first floor, with booths and stools at the counter, but in place of dartboards, the basement contains three human dummies. An intimidating Venezuelan man tends the basement bar.


Niwaka Samurai Impersonator Arc[]

Shunsuke Saruwatari visits Lady Madonna, the last place on the list of killer mediation agencies in Fukuoka Prefecture given to him by Nguyen. The owner of the bar hears him out but quickly dismisses him for his lack of experience in Kyushu. Frustrated and angry, Saruwatari slams the door on his way out, where he is reached out to by Naoya Nitta.

Saruwatari throwing shurikens in Lady Madonna's basement

After signing a contract with Nitta, Saruwatari returns to Lady Madonna. The owner shows him to the door leading to the basement. Killers are using the human dummies to practice knife throwing and shooting with suppressors, and weapons dealers are discussing terms in the booths. Saruwatari joins Nitta, who pulls out a bag filled with the weapons he wants Saruwatari to use. Saruwatari has trained in nearly every modern weapon used by killers, but he is unprepared for a ninja sword, kunai, and shuriken. When pressured into practicing throwing the shuriken at the dummies, he misses his target's vital spots completely. Though Nitta's goal is to make Saruwatari famous as a killer ninja, Saruwatari is already regretting signing on with him.

Shou Wang Arc[]

After building a fearsome reputation for himself in the Fukuoka area as the Submarine Ninja, Saruwatari is hired by the Shou Wang syndicate. Lady Madonna still serves as his base of operations and practice grounds. Frustrated by his recent encounter with the Niwaka Samurai at a batting center, Saruwatari returns to the bar to hone his shuriken pitches. He informs Nitta, who is watching him from a booth, that he was unable to kill the Kakyuu Association executive Kubota but dispatched the Murder, Inc. killer waiting in his house.


  • In the novels, the bar is located on the first floor. In the manga, the bar is on the building's second floor.