Mieko Yamazaki (山崎美栄子, Yamazaki Mieko) is the daughter of freight company president Kunio Yamazaki and the mother of Shota Yamazaki. After her son's disappearance, she turns to substance abuse to cope with her loss.



Mieko is an arrogant woman who was born into money. It is implied that she may have consumed alcohol and cigarettes frequently before starting a family and gave up those habits while raising her son. After ten months without answers as to the whereabouts and fate of her child, Mieko is bitter and withdrawn. She has become a chain smoker and an alcoholic. When she learns that her son has likely been killed by an avenger, she is willing to go so far as to torture the avenger's daughter in front of him to make him feel the same pain she has had to live with.


Mieko was treated for infertility years ago, and after wishing for a child, was finally able to have Shota. She doted on him and overlooked his flaws, and her household was a happy one until her son went missing.


Mayor Harada Scandal ArcEdit

Mieko and her husband are traveling when Shota is abducted by the avengers. She hires several private detectives to investigate his whereabouts. Over the following months, the detectives are unable to find a lead in Shota's disappearance.

Avengers ArcEdit

Mieko is driven to a park by Sanjou, where the yakuza executive, posing as Misaki Tanaka's new adoptive father, meets Xianming Lin for the handoff. When Sanjou introduces Misaki and Mieko, Misaki can tell right away from the smell of cigarette smoke on the woman's clothing that she is an imposter. Mieko hugs her and engages her in conversation before asking for Jiro Tanaka's phone number. When Misaki hands her a slip of paper with a number written on it, Mieko calls the avenger, threatening Misaki and inviting Jiro to a warehouse to watch Misaki die.

While they wait inside the warehouse, Mieko holds a gun to Misaki's face and dreams of the ways she will torture the young girl. Her mood sours when Misaki makes no response, and upon hearing a car approach the warehouse and Sanjou's subordinates' screams, is unnerved when, instead of Jiro, a clown enters the warehouse shielding himself with a yakuza subordinate.

When Misaki reveals her sleight of hand in handing over the clown's phone number instead of her father's, she apologizes to him and asks him to kill everyone present. He throws a smoke bomb and obscures their vision, and Mieko is the first to be cut down.

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