Misaki Tanaka (田中ミサキ, Tanaka Misaki) is the adopted daughter of Jiro Tanaka and his helper in his avenger business.



She has light brown hair that are usually pulled back into pigtails and wears a blue dress with one strap over her right shoulder like her foster father Jiro and a plain t-shirt underneath it.


Misaki has been exposed to the cruelty of the world at a very young age due to her abusive upbringing under her step-father. This has shaped her to mature faster and adopt an extreme dislike for anyone who commits atrocities and crimes. She is remarked to talk more like an adult than a child, but she is not without some childish tendencies, such as when she persisted on keeping the black cat they rescued to Jiro or retaining her tendency to view the world in black and white. Other people around her including her home school teacher describe her as closed off and someone that is not easily approachable, especially with other children around her age.

With her biological mother abandoning her to her abusive step-father, Misaki has developed an extreme fear of abandonment, going so far as to help Jiro in his business to prove her usefulness so she could stay with him. She also has developed PTSD, with cigarettes as a trigger as she received burn marks from her step-father in the past. From the combination of the abuse she received daily from her step-father, Misaki has developed a firm belief to punish 'bad people,' and as such has taken a huge interest in becoming a full fledged avenger like Jiro.


Misaki had grown up with her mother in the first few years of her life and then lived with her step-father when her mother married. However, her step-father was an abusive alcoholic and would lash out at her mother or herself frequently. Unable to bear with the abuse but not willing to save her daughter, her mother left Misaki behind to be the sole recipient of her step-father's abuse at four years old.

On one particular day when her step-father went farther than usual, Jiro had suddenly showed up to beat up the man for a job he received. When Jiro noticed Misaki hiding in the closet, he beckoned her out and took her straight to Saeki's clinic to care for her injuries. She was given a bath and a warm meal by Jiro, as she was underfed, and from then on Jiro had continued to keep her under his care and at some point had fully adopted her. Later on she began to help Jiro with his avenger jobs by luring in his targets to let their guard down and get captured.


Mayor Harada Scandal ArcEdit

Jiro and Misaki visit the Yamazaki residence - the home of their target. After confirming the high schooler was home alone, Misaki puts on an act, pretending to be at awe of the spacious home, and runs inside. Once the two safely make it inside and find the black cat that was about to be tortured by the boy, Jiro and Misaki tie Shota Yamazaki up and kidnap him. That same night they head over to the apartment of their next target - a university student named Murase. Saitoh, pretending to be Murase, greets them at the door. Believing he is their target, Jiro knocks Saitoh out and Misaki binds him before putting him into the car. Jiro drops Misaki off at home with the cat they rescued to carry out the more brutal half of the job and letting her rest.

The following day, Misaki is seen talking with Jiro at the bar he runs when Saitoh rushes in seeking their aid. Misaki leaves the two to give them privacy and is left at home while Jiro helps Saitoh in taking his revenge. After the events of the mayoral scandal, Misaki attends the Ramens' first baseball game with a full crew.

Two months after the scandal, Misaki accompanies Jiro and Martínez in stealing a statue from a robber's house. They arrive at the scene to find two men dead. They hurriedly carry the stolen item from the apartment before others could arrive.

Niwaka Samurai Impersonation ArcEdit

Misaki's appearance is brief, helping Jiro in capturing Abe and Yamamoto for one of Jiro's avenger assignments by approaching Abe and injecting him with a muscle tranquilizer.

Feilang's Return ArcEdit

Misaki only appears at the end of the arc, attending a fireworks festival with the rest of the Ramens a month after the story's events. In the anime, she has more of an active role, appearing at the internet cafe Enokida and Lin were at to cheer Lin up with everyone and attempting to deceive Suzuki to infiltrate the Kakyu Association's base.

.mmm/Blackleg ArcEdit

Misaki arrives home from school and tells Jiro of the play her school would have. She hesitates to ask Jiro help her make a costume, but Jiro is overjoyed to help her. The next day, however, Misaki sadly announces that the play was cancelled and would not need the outfit Jiro had already made for her. She is greatly upset for making Jiro waste his time, but Jiro assures her that he would be happy just supporting her by being there for the recital instead.

Light Novel Volume 05Edit

Jiro and Misaki skip a practice match with the Ramens to work on her essay for school. She initially writes her admiration for Jiro and her desire to become a full fledged avenger like he is when she gets older, and while Jiro is touched to here it he has Misaki rewrite it. Misaki is annoyed by this but is unsure what else she could write about until she mentions wanting to join the boys baseball team. The next day, Misaki waits for Jiro to come pick her up from school after several cases of children going missing arise. Jiro questions her about school and if she is getting along with the other students in class, which Misaki admits she is doing all right before she confronts Jiro on his state of attire. Jiro initially tries to deny he is dressing and behaving more masculine for her sake, but Misaki only grows more frustrated with how much Jiro is sacrificing and putting up for her sake. In an attempt to make her feel better, Jiro takes her to get sweets before heading home.

A few days after their talk, Jiro gets contacted for an avenger job. Misaki tries to persuade him to bring her along, who for the first time adamantly refuses to do so, and is left at home. Angry and afraid Jiro would give her up, Misaki decides to runaway from home and heads over to Banba's office to seek help, requesting him to teach her how to kill people so she could help with Jiro's work more. However, Lin reprimands her harshly, unintentionally reciting her worst fears - that she was powerless and Jiro would only find her to be a hindrance. Misaki storms out of the office in a rage. Banba calls her to check up on her and persuade her to come back, which Misaki lies to him in turn, telling him she was heading back home. After she hangs up with him, she turns off her cell phone so Jiro could not track her and heads to Enokida to find where Jiro went.