Qiaomei Lin (林僑梅, Lin Qiaomei) is the younger sister of Xianming Lin. She is trafficked and murdered in the first light novel, prompting Lin to hunt down the Kakyuu Association executives responsible for her death and seek revenge on Yusuke Harada.


Qiaomei grew up in the slums of China with her mother and older brother. Her father, a heavy drinker and gambler, left them behind with a large debt. Human traffickers often asked her mother to sell her children, but she refused. Lin eventually sold himself to alleviate his mother's burden and pay off the family's debts. Anticipating being reunited with his family, Lin keeps a worn photo of the three of them together on his person at all times.

Five years prior to the start of the series, the siblings' mother dies. Word never reaches Lin in Japan, who has grown his hair out and begun wearing women's clothes to feel closer to Qiaomei.


Mayor Harada Scandal Arc

Despite her brother's insistence that no one touch her, once Lin turns against the Kakyuu Association, Qiaomei is trafficked to Japan and sold to Yusuke Harada after Reiko Asakura and her companions devise a new plan to keep the mayor's son's sexual and homicidal urges under control. Although they had hoped the woman they had bought would keep Yusuke busy for some time, she is quickly raped and murdered, and Yusuke contacts them the next day to dispose of the body and buy him a new woman.

A TV broadcast states that she is a Chinese exchange student found dead in a hotel. Lin learns of her death from the daily news and contacts his employer Zhang immediately. Zhang nonchalantly confirms that Qiaomei had been purchased, used, and discarded, and refuses to name her buyer. Lin kills five of his subordinates and Ivanov in retaliation. After Enokida supplies him with the murderer's identity, Lin and Zenji Banba are able to take out Zhang and his remaining subordinates and frame the murders on Reiko. They bring Yusuke to a warehouse and listen to him confess his crimes. When he admits to raping and killing Qiaomei, Lin beats him up in a rage. Satisfied with having gotten revenge for his sister, Lin leaves the warehouse before Yusuke is killed in the same manner as Qiaomei.

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