Reiko Asakura (浅倉麗子, Asakura Reiko) is a killer who works alongside Munakata, under Mayor Harada's employ. Her speciality is using poison.



Reiko has long, loosely permed brown hair which she wears up with a hair clip. She usually wears a dark grey two-piece suit.  



Reiko used to work in a cabaret club in Nakasu while also acting as a freelance killer. She was eventually scouted by Murder Inc. but left the company five years prior to the start of the story, going on to work under Mayor Harada. 


Light Novel Volume 1Edit

Following the discssion with Munakata and the rest of their group, the next day Reiko accompanies Mayor Harada to Kego Park where he gives his speech. Everything seems to be going normally until she hears a loud popping noise, which immediately has her on guard. Little did she know she had caught the attention of Zenji Banba.

Afterwards, she swaps bodyguard duties with Shinohara, and explains to Munakata she thought she heard a gunshot but soon realised it was only a balloon popping. At that moment, Yusuke Harada contacts Munakata and a reluctant Reiko is sent to deal with him. 

She heads out to Yusuke's apartment and is faced with the dead body of a girl that he had just raped and murdered. Angered and disgusted by this, Reiko confronts Yusuke and tells him not to do it again, telling him if he must do it, he should not try to dispose of the bodies himself. A short time later, Reiko notices Yusuke is watching a video of a brutal attack and asks him about it. When he explains it is a recording he made of his friends beating up foreigners as part of the "King's Game", Reiko demands the names of everyone involved because she intends to eliminate them.

Some time later, after Munakata and Shinohara's meeting with the mayor, Reiko tells them she has disposed of Yusuke's victim and also tells them about the video. She has already identified the people in it as Jun Murase, Masaki Yoshida and Tatsuya Yamashiro. After kidnapping them, Reiko suggests blowing them up in a car and making it look like a DUI, to which Munakata agrees. 

After dealing with Yusuke's friends, they discuss what to do with Yusuke himself. Reiko suggests they get in touch with the Kakyuu Group, a human trafficking broker - this way they could buy women with no relations in order to satisfy Yusuke.

After Munakata had successfully purchased a woman, Yusuke is quick to rape and kill her, meaning they had yet another body to dispose of. That night, Reiko meets Takuya Itou, who she eventually brings to a hotel room where Ivanov meets her with the body of the dead girl in a suitcase. Reiko tells Ivanov to place the body on the bed so Takuya Itou would get blamed for all the crimes Yusuke had committed.

After Ivanov is killed by Lin, Reiko realises his phone has been taken. She contacts Shinohara and asks him to look up the GPS on it to find out where Lin and Banba are. After watching the security footage Shinohara sent, Reiko and Munakata head off to confront Enokida, who was shown speaking with Banba and holding Ivanov's phone. After retrieving information about how Lin and Banba plan to kill Yusuke, they report back to Zhang, who orders them to go along with it. With that, Reiko is given the task of being Yusuke's bodyguard.

Later, while she is guarding Yusuke, Reiko receives a phone call from the Niwaka Samurai, who tells her he has killed her colleagues and is now en route to kill Yusuke. She does not take the threat seriously until he makes it clear he knows where they are thanks to a GPS device placed on her by Enokida. With this, Reiko tells Yusuke that a notorious killer is coming to kill him and she does not intend to stick around. However, she does not get very far when Jiro arrives at the door and knocks her unconscious. Ultimately, she ends up taking the fall for the deaths of Zhang and his men, as well as the kidnapping of Yusuke.

Light Novel Volume 2Edit

Reiko is now in prison, where she is visited by Naoya Nitta in order to arrange the murder of Saitoh.


  • The first light novel revealed that her hobby is nail art.

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