Saeki (佐伯, Saeki) is the director of Saeki’s Cosmetic Surgery Clinic. He is an acquaintance of Banba and he often assists with various underground jobs.

Characteristics Edit

Appearance Edit

Saeki is noted to have gentle eyes that match his mild and gentle-mannered personality. He wears glasses and he has short, black parted hair.

Personality Edit

He is mild-mannered and has a habit of talking politely to people regardless of whether they are younger or older. This is a stark contrast to his job as a cleaner


Mayor Harada Scandal ArcEdit

Saeki is the one who treats Lin after he is stabbed by Ivanov, and he is later approached by Banba for another favor. Banba wishes to buy a dead body which he can use as part of his plan, and Saeki helps out by performing surgery on it to make it look more like Banba.

Saitoh also makes use of Saeki’s services when he decides to have plastic surgery done to make himself look different, after his image was posted all over news sites when he was framed for the murder Qaomei Lin.

After the events of the first novel, Saeki is seen playing baseball with the rest of the Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens baseball team.

Niwaka Samurai Impersonator ArcEdit

Saeki provides Martínez with the dead body of a young man, and performs surgery on it to make it look more like Lin so it can be used to trick Abe and Yamamoto. After Martinez saves Lin, he is taken to Saeki’s Cosmetic Surgery Clinic where Saeki treats his wounds. After Lin wakes up, Saeki receives a call from Banba. He tells him that Lin is at his Clinic and that he is very much alive.

A few days later, Enokida brings Yamamoto to him and requests Saeki to perform plastic surgery on him to make him like identical to Lin.