Takashi Unoyama is an executive of the Kakyuu Association. He runs an office in Hakozaki with a small number of subordinates. He is targeted and killed by Zenji Banba.



While Unoyama's position as an executive in an organized crime syndicate and his practice of extorting unaffiliated citizens for money indicate that he is exploitative and immoral, he is courteous and pleasant toward his lawyers. He is very proud of his antique Edo era sword and knows its full history, implying he has an interest in the period.


Some time before the start of the story, Unoyama had purchased data on five hundred ordinary citizens from a registry broker, and his office made small money by calling people on the list and extorting them. Unoyama also had an unspecified incident with an ordinary bystander and hired Tatsurou Myouken to settle the dispute out of court.


Shou Wang ArcEdit

Tony Lau meets with Naoya Nitta and provides him with Unoyama and Byeong-Hee Kim's personal data. Shunsuke Saruwatari is ordered to kill the two men as an employment exam for the Shou Wang. Zenji Banba receives files on Kakyuu Association members from Sayuri the same day. That evening, he takes Xianming Lin to Unoyama's office. Banba impersonates the lawyer Tatsurou Myouken, and Lin plays the role of his secretary.

Unoyama graciously invites them into his office. Banba compliments the antique Japanese sword on display in the corner of the office and asks for a closer look. With Unoyama's permission, he approaches and examines the sword, and in the next moment, unsheathes it and runs Unoyama through. Lin quickly dispatches the two bodyguards in the room, and they handle Unoyama's remaining three underlings quickly.

Shortly after Banba and Lin depart, Saruwatari arrives at Unoyama's office door. He enters to find splattered blood and bodies on the floor moments before the real Tatsurou Myouken arrives for his appointment. Myouken flees in fright, and Saruwatari misses him with a shuriken.

Suzuki learns of the murders later that night and has Ruixi Li moved to a safer location. The shuriken left in Unoyama's office and Myouken's eyewitness testimony leave Saruwatari credited for the assassination. Desperate for a killer who can match Saruwatari in strength, Suzuki hires Zhao. The next day, Suzuki provides Zhao with Unoyama's personal data files, and Zhao uses the list to target men in Fukuoka named Hiyashi Noriaki.

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