Tatsurou Myouken is a lawyer from the Myouken Law Office whose name is used by Zenji Banba in order to infiltrate offices owned by the Kakyuu Association.



Myouken is described as a serious-looking man who wears a suit. Shunsuke Saruwatari notes immediately that he looks like someone who leads an ordinary life.


Myouken is a professional with a serious demeanor. He is also a normal person, compared to many other characters in the series, as he becomes frightened to the point of screaming and shaking when he sees a dead body.


Some time before the start of the series, Takashi Unoyama had a dispute with a regular bystander. Myouken is the attorney in charge of settling the dispute out of court.


Shou Wang ArcEdit

Myouken has a 9:00pm meeting with Unoyama, which Banba uses to get close to Unoyama in order to kill him and his subordinates. When Myouken himself arrives at the office a short while later, he finds Saruwatari standing over the bodies of the slain mafia members. Saruwatari attempts to explain to him that he is not the one who killed them, but Myouken flees, and Saruwatari's shuriken misses his back and lodges in the wall. Myouken reports the murders, and he is later approached by a Kakyuu Group subordinate with a photo of Saruwatari in order to confirm the identity of the killer.

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