The Executive is a high-ranking member of the international terrorist organization .mmm. His real name is unknown even to his subordinates.



The executive is described as being a middle-aged man of medium build. He has black hair and wears a business suit, blending easily into crowds of salarymen.


He is straightforward and business-like, believing in the cause of his organization to eliminate opposing hackers and assigning jobs to his subordinates without fanfare. He makes his dislike of Siva and Irasawa known.


.mmm ArcEdit

The executive meets Chegar in the plaza in front of Hakata Station to give him the username of a new target. He expresses disapproval at Chegar's employ of Siva and Irasawa, but recognizing their usefulness and understanding that the organization cannot budget for counseling for the two deranged men, he entrusts the work to Chegar's team and disappears.

The following day, the executive meets Chegar to hear his report on the elimination of macro-hard. Upon learning that the blacklisted hacker blackleg_nameko is in the city, he immediately gives Chegar the order to kill him but warns his subordinate to act carefully.

The next day, he is contacted by Chegar. He immediately realizes that Chegar's phone has been hacked and secretive data stolen from multiple members of the organization. He skips the meeting, and Chegar, waiting for him at their usual spot, is met instead by Enokida and the police.

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