Yamazaki Transportation (山崎運輸(株), Yamazaki Unyu (Kabu)) is a shipping company owned by Kunio Yamazaki. The company and its partnership with the Mutagawa Group enables the yakuza organization to send its smuggled goods to its clients across Japan.


The Mutagawa Group has a hand in the Eastern Asian drug and weapons trade and has relied heavily on Yamazaki Transportation for securing its trade routes. Recently, the organization has decided to branch into human trafficking and are planning to test the route by smuggling five Japanese children into Korea onboard one of the company's ships.


Avengers ArcEdit

The Mutagawa Group hires Shunsuke Saruwatari to guard them as they load six abducted children in dog cages onto a truck belonging to Yamazaki Transportation. Jiro Tanaka, Zenji Banba, and Xianming Lin block the truck from proceeding and search the back for Misaki Tanaka. Saruwatari allows Banba to phone Hironobu Shigematsu before they face off, and they finish their match just before the police and ambulances arrive.

Kunio Yamazaki is forced to pay a small fortune to cover up his company's involvement in the incident. The implication of his company and failure to bring the abducted children to the ship harms the relationship between the two organizations.

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