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Yang (楊, Yang) is Feilang's mediator. The two work closely together, with Yang accompanying Feilang to Japan.



Yang is loquacious, a skillful speaker and negotiator. He is a polite and straight-forward individual who is well-informed on the topic of organizations operating in East Asia, and he maintains a large network of associates and information brokers across several nations. Befitting his line of work, he is quite cruel and somewhat sadistic, willing to sell children for profit and finding humor in twisted stories of others' abject circumstances. In simple terms, he is described by more normal characters as shady.


Shou Wang Arc[]

Yang calls Feilang immediately after the murder of Fu Jian Huang. His good news is the location of a former human trafficking broker currently residing in Korea. Feilang is happy to hear it, as it is a step toward finding Xianming Lin, and the pair agree to meet the following day in Busan.

In Busan, Yang watches Feilang pressure the former child broker for information and offers input about the Kakyuu Association, the group Feilang's childhood friend had been sold to. In exchange for paying him cash, Feilang gives Yang the man's daughter to sell.

After Yang arranges for a speedboat to carry them to Fukuoka, he and Feilang spend their first day separately gathering information. While Feilang tortures two informants and gains little intel, Yang meets with Enokida and learns about recent events concerning the Kakyuu Group, including the facts that their executives are being assassinated and they are searching to hire a skilled hitman. Feilang instructs Yang to put him in touch with the group, and Yang gives him a small spider-shaped transmitter and listening device that had been planted on him by the informant. At the same time, Enokida notices the transmitter has been turned off and admits that Yang might be sharper than expected.

The mediator is already drunk when Suzuki meets him in a shot bar in Nakasu. Yang fills him in on Feilang's credentials and speaks to his capability. Suzuki is interested in trying him out, and Yang passes along Feilang's offer of free labor in exchange for information on Lin's current whereabouts. He warns Suzuki that while incredibly talented, Feilang is somewhat mad, and he becomes increasingly amused as he tells Suzuki of the young killer's horrific upbringing.

After Yang gets in touch with Nguyen, he informs Feilang that Lin was seen in Fukuoka two weeks prior, increasing the chances that he is still in the city.