Yasukuni Shindou is a low-ranking member of a well-known yakuza organization with a target on his back. His death has a lasting impact on Xianming Lin.



Due to living in hiding in various hotels, Shindou sports an emaciated, anxious expression, with a poor complexion and deep shadows under his eyes.


Shindou is tense and worried from the threat on his life. When he requests the Niwaka Samurai and meets Xianming Lin instead, he is initially insulting and rude toward his protector. It soon becomes apparent that Shindou has a kind heart, being concerned for the lives of his organization's murdered subordinates, and Lin realizes that Shindou is not cut out for the underworld.


Some time before the start of the novel, the head of Shindou's organization died, and the matter of succession was left undecided between Shindou and Takashi Kitaguchi. While the pair fought for control, Shindou sought a peaceful solution to avoid wiping out their group. When Kitaguchi hires Abe and Yamamoto to enter a room full of yakuza, kill all but one, and ask for the Kitaguchi's location, the slaughter is pinned on Shindou. With Kitaguchi targeting his life, Shindou has been living on the run, unable to accept that Kitaguchi had his own subordinates killed in order to set him up.


Niwaka Samurai Impersonator ArcEdit

After Genzo Gohda tasks him with protecting Shindou, Lin arrives at the hotel. Shindou is disappointed in him at first glance, but he starts to calm down and informs Lin of the struggle within his organization. Lin has seven hours to protect him until his overseas flight departs.

Shindou notices a noise from the terrace, and when Lin goes to check outside, a man breaks the glass door with a baseball bat. Shindou is easily cornered, while Lin, taken by surprise, orders Shindou to run to his car while he analyzes and dodges the man with the bat. Determining him to be an amateur, Lin quickly incapacitates and stabs him.

After moving the body, he calls Shindou and they both head toward the parking garage. Lin hears groaning and pleading over the phone, and when he runs out of the elevator, he finds Shindou standing against his car with a blade stabbed through his heart from behind. His body falls to reveal the Niwaka Samurai.

Lin apologizes to Shindou's corpose, regretting sending him onward alone and failing to protect him. He is reminded of Shindou later while protecting Kazuki Saitoh from Nguyen, and learning from his earlier mistakes, he is able to save his friend's life.

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