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I didn't do it. I was set up.

–Yusuke Aoyagi's suicide note, Volume 4, 2nd Inning

Yusuke Aoyagi (青柳雄介, Aoyagi Yusuke) is a former company employee whose work computer was taken over by Siva. Using his account, Siva posted hundreds of negative reviews of a privately-owned Italian restaurant online, and the incident eventually leads to Aoyagi's death.


At some point, Siva gained control of Aoyagi's work computer and began mass-posting horrible reviews that impacted the Italian restaurant's business. Aoyagi's superior visited the restaurant to apologize for his employee's behavior and ask that the incident be kept quiet in order to keep the company's name out of it. However, even after Aoyagi was reprimanded and quit his job, the posts continued, and the restaurant owner reached out to Genzo to hire a hitman.


.mmm Arc[]

Zenji Banba lands the job from Genzo and meets with the former yakuza-turned Italian restaurant owner, who gives him the name of his target. When the Niwaka Samurai arrives at Aoyagi's first-floor apartment, he enters from the balcony window and is surprised to find Aoyagi hanging from the ceiling by a rope around his neck. Banba checks his belongings for confirmation of his identity and finds his suicide note, a profession of his innocence.